Eyes-Guy Guide Service

Eyes-Guy Guide Service is an outdoor fishing guide service that specializes in offering customers the ability to fish on Lake Gogebic, Lake Winnebago, Lake Superior and the Bay of the Green Bay. The business is operated by owner and Captain Tim Long out of the Timbers Resort. Tim approached NuTerra looking to have an original logo design created to help brand his guide service and also implement new ways for customers to book trips directly from the site. NuTerra built custom forms unique to the guide services he offers and added comment fields for customers to communicate with him on exactly what they're looking to experience in a trip. In addition to a highly functional mobile responsive page, NuTerra developed tools that would allow him to easily manage the events and photo galleries. Since Tim spends a lot of time guiding and running two businesses it was highly important to give him a way to easily communicate a fishing report to his audience. We accomplished this by integrating his Facebook Eyes-Guy page directly into his website so that he doesn’t have to manage multiple platforms in order to provide regular timely updates on the fishing conditions. This page has the best of everything that NuTerra specializes in to also include quality SEO work. Our programming is already doing a fantastic job of working hard behind the scenes to help Tim rise to the top of his industry as an expert guide for all of the waters and areas he specializes in.

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As Owners of The Timbers Resort on Lake Gogebic in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we receive many calls every day from Companies trying to sell us "something". Most of these calls are nothing but a nuisance and always seem to come when we are extremely busy. It was around mid May that I picked up the phone and on the other end was Amanda Kurowski with NuTerra LLC & Viper Tackle. This phone call has changed our lives and The Timbers Resort is so many positive ways. My husband Tim spoke with Amanda and within a week we had Amanda and Frank Sterzinger come to visit us at The Timbers Resort to go over our website needs and browse through our Bait and Tackle Store. We had been struggling for the last couple of years with the current web hosting company that we were working with for our website design and hosting. During this time we were losing visibility on the search engines. After taking several months to build our main website and getting it live we had waited 18 months for our Guide Service website never to be completed before we started and launched two websites with NuTerra. The key to this working relationship is that Frank and Amanda came to The Timbers Resort for a site visit where they listened to what we wanted. We cannot say enough about the customer service that NuTerra has provided, the professionalism, and the detail of content in such a short amount of time. This one phone call in the middle of May was the Best cold call I ever received.
We would recommend NUTERRA to anyone and everyone!

Tim & Sarah Long
Owners of The Timbers Resort and Eyes-Guy Guide Service