Roving Blue Portable Water Purification Systems

Roving Blue is an excellent example of an E-Commerce site built custom tailored to exact specifications of the clients business. Often times a very unique solution is required when building a site to mirror the inner workings of one's business. Roving Blue is an example of such a site.

Roving Blue is an advanced, portable water purification system. It allows you to drink water from any fresh water source: Rivers, lakes, streams, even storm sewers. The site features and sells products available for purchase to individual buyers and dealerships alike. Complete with a custom built database available for sales staff and dealerships to log in to track and view history of purchases. The site features not only the products themselves, dealer locations and systems information; it also allows for anyone to apply to become a partner in Roving Blue. Not just a website for selling products, Roving Blue is a complete business application for all aspects of the client's sales practices.

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