Corporate ID and Logo Design - Stand Out From the Crowd.

Your Logo - the Most Prominent Visual Reference of Your Brand

Corporate ID
A logo is a visual symbol of a company or brand. It brings the brand name to life. It needs to stand out, to break through the competitive clutter and communicate brand values.

There's No Magic Formula... But There Are Key Principles

How do you design an effective logo? There's no single formula but there are key principles and considerations. A few include:

  • The brand name
  • The brand positioning
  • How the logo will be used
  • Color options
  • Size options
  • The target audience
  • Font options
  • Shape options

NuTerra - Experts in Logo Design

Effective logo design is both a science and an art requiring significant expertise. At NuTerra, we have years of experience in logo creation. In our process, we conduct a thorough review of your overall market and business strategies, develop communication objectives consistent with your brand and then begin the creative process. We design logos that break through the clutter while communicating a brand's name and positioning.

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