Kiosk Development - Want to provide increased convenience to your customers in high traffic areas?  Use kiosks!
Kiosk Development

Increased customer convenience means increased customer sales!

Want to conveniently provide your customers or reach new prospects with product information or the ability to purchase in a professional, attractive way? Look to kiosk technology, specifically in high traffic areas (such as lobbies, visitor centers, convention halls, shopping centers, remote locations, etc.).

NuTerra can provide your company with:

  • Improved customer service
  • The ability to communicate constantly changing information
  • Interactive promotions
  • Public access for E-commerce
  • Potential customer exposure to your business
  • Measureable results

Let us help you improve customer service.

Combining our expertise in kiosk based promotions and developing customized software, Nuterra can provide kiosk solutions to meet your business goals.

And to simplify your life, our kiosk solutions are totally turn-key, providing you with:

  • Hardware and software
  • Promotional themes
  • Staff training/service support
  • Attractive, simple-to-navigate graphic user interface
  • Remote management
  • Complete logging and tracking
  • Indoor/outdoor units
  • Complete implementation
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